Breaking the ice with Crayon Art

For my first post I’d like to talk about something that’s been trending a lot not only as a “simple” art form but as an at home project with the kids is Crayon Art, it goes far beyond your thought of the rainbow crayon art you see everywhere. The use of covering a section of the canvas so no melting crayon gets there and applying a stencil is a neat idea. Many people go beyond that, melting the crayons only so much to create a flower or melting the crayons around a stencil completely. The possibilities with this are endless.

I find it a very relaxing way of not having to think of perfection and ridding your self of that creative block we creatives all know and highly dislike; it’s less like “dancing around the canvas” while throwing paint, but still something fun and interesting to do.

I was on pinterest the other night and I found all these great Crayon Art pieces, I don’t have direct links to whom the artists are or any of that but I will post the link of the pinterest page I found all of them on at the end of the post. As I was saying the ones I’m showcasing on the blog are actually not super extravagant, but to my eye it’s very appealing, and shows me that they have more than just some creativity to them. After all that’s what this is all about right being creative and sharing our creativity with the world right? I think so.


Check out the great pieces!




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